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We make and sell Masquerade Masks that make you look the bees knees, we ship them super quickly around the UK and worldwide because we know everyone leaves it until the last minute, and we've been doing it long enough to know what works, so we only make and sell the good stuff. You'll have seen our masquerade masks in Vogue, GQ and on Strictly Come Dancing, and we make sure we've got something for you whatever your budget.


Photographers, stylists and those in the know choose Samantha Peach Masks - if you want people to ask where you got your mask from, if you want a mask that is classy, elegant, subtle but also shouts (quietly!) quality and style, then well done for stumbling across us, and thank you!



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fifty shades darker samantha peach mask 

poster copyright image Universal Films

We supplied the forthcoming Hollywood movie with Dakota Johnson's mask, it's our Silver lace Goddess mask and it's a bit gorgeous - if you're in the UK you can buy it HERE, and if you're in the USA you can buy it HERE