Charity Masquerade Ball


We offer three options for Organisers of Masquerade Balls and Parties depending on your aims for the event: 

I am organising an event and want to show people where to purchase Masks for the Masquerade Ball themselves, but would like a percentage from each Ball Mask to come to me/my business/ our charity.

A popular option, this involves the Organiser providing its attendees with a unique html link (provided by ourselves) to our Site, for every sale made from that link, 10% will be sent to you after the event.  It is entirely up to the individual whether they broadcast that a percentage will be given to them or not.

In the past we've helped raise hundreds of pounds for various charities, an example of which you can read about here.



I am organising an event and want the Ball Masks included in the ticket price/offered as gifts to the attendees

If you want to buy the masks yourselves as a special bulk order then email  with the following information:

1. The date you'd need the masks by.

2. Your rough budget

3. How many masks you need for that budget, what is the mix of female/male masks - do they need to be ribbons or stick masks

Then leave it to us to get back to you with prices and options within that price range and delivery timeframe..


As an example, we supplied 800 masquerade masks for Bovis Lend Lease Christmas 2010 Charity Masked Ball...


For special bulk orders not from our own stock a deposit or full payment will be required upon ordering (depending on size of order) and on special orders returns will only be accepted on faulty goods which must be returned within 7 days and bought to our attention within 48 hours.


I am organising an event and want to help the other guests find their own Masquerade Masks for a good price

Our third option is a Coupon Code in your own name which you can pass on to your guests enabling them to receive an automatic 10% discount when they come into the site and order their own masks. 

To set up any of these options, or if you have any further questions, please email

Read the insane story of how the mask was used here


We've moved all Retail Orders over to Amazon now - 

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