If I had a pound for every time someone has emailed me asking          

a) if they can come to the studio to try on masks or b) whether we also have a bricks and mortar shop...

So I'm afraid we still can't have customers in the studio ( it's at the bottom of my garden of my family home plus my Insurance company are twitchy enough about all the highly flammable materials I use in a timber framed building, they drew a line under throwing the Public into the mix too..)

But, But, But we DO have stockists now - we weren't looking for them for another couple of years but they've crept up on us and by golly, it's a whole new thang and we love whole new thangs..

If you're anywhere near Nottingham you'll find our masks in the GORGEOUS Bee and Bird


No 1 Plains Rd,



07971 043419

Conversely, if you're NOWHERE NEAR Nottingham, perhaps you're somewhere near Los Angeles..! ( my but we do get around)


Les Boudoirs Boutique in LA sells exquisite Luxury Lingerie and Samantha Peach Masks we're proud to say


966 Westlake Boulevard

Westlake Village Plaza


+1 805-409-0950

We've also just fallen for Isabel and her lovely new shop Quiver in stunning Cambridge..


36 Newnham Rd



* If you'd like to be a Samantha Peach stockist please email for more information

Read the insane story of how the mask was used here


We've moved all Retail Orders over to Amazon now - 

UK -




Media enquiries please contact Sam at