A Samantha Peach Mask

 You've been invited to a Masquerade Ball or Party

, and whether it's your Prom, your Graduation, a lavish Corporate Charity Ball, a Luscious Masquerade Masks to buy in the UK
Masquerade Wedding or simply someone's 21st, 30th ,40th Birthday in their own home, most people struggle to know where to start with the actual mask itself..Well whether by accident or design, you've come to just the right place..let me share what 10 years of doing this has taught me..and if you fancy 10% off your order click www.samanthapeach.co.uk/wholesale-masquerade-masks.html


The ethos behind Samantha Peach Masks was always very simple, to respect the Tradition behind the Centuries of Venetian Mask making, whilst doing something new with the designs, above all else concentrating on designs that are flattering, comfortable  and complement what the customer is wearing - the number One objective is that YOU wear the mask, it doesn't wear you..



 The Mask bases I use are all from Italy, either Venice for the  Venetian Masks or Milan for the Masquerade Masks which ensures the highest possible quality and then made  in my gorgeous Timber Garden Studio here in Nottingham using beautiful materials sourced from carefully chosen suppliers - delicious feathers, luxurious ribbons and delicate trims are what a Samantha Peach Mask is all about..



So we recognise that The LBD will always be a Woman's Best Friend with the wide range of Timeless Little Black Masks  to wear with it , but we also gently nudge you to trying your Little Black Dress with a Black and Nude design or a Black and Silver one



But it's our Signature Lace Masks that we've made our own, universally flattering, classy but just a little bit sexy too, I know I'm getting it right with the designs when I get emails from people telling me they didn't want to take it off at the end of the night ( like the Woman who doggedly kept hers on all the way home on the Tube - genius..)




And Men have at long last got options that are Elegant, Stylish, sometimes quirky and always make them look just a bit Phwoaarrr... and definitely Not Boring Anymore




Based here in Nottingham, England one of my favourite parts of this passion of mine is seeing where the masks get shipped off to, I ship a huge amount internationally from the obvious places like the USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong and Japan to some places I have to look up on a map ( Macau was the last one I recall..!) 


masks-for-girls.jpgI love the huge variety of people from around the world who find me every day, from Moms in the USA buying masks for their Daughter's Sweet 16th to their Proms in the Spring, fabulous Hen Parties and Graduation Balls taking us through the Summer before we hit  Halloween time which then doesn't let up untilafter the Christmas Parties and the last swig of Champagne has been drunk on New Year's Eve


So a big thank you to all the customers, the stylists, the photographers, the companies that stumbled across this website, and stayed for a while..



 Contact me on samantha.peach.shop@gmail.com x



Read the insane story of how the mask was used here


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