Meet the Team

amanda.jpgAmanda - The smiliest person I know, Amanda works with me in the studio and like me, finds herself making and managing all at the same time, and we're both super excited about her taking control and making sense of stock and buying and purchasing materials and the never ending demands of websites old and new - streamlined and efficient is our new mantra!


Gill - Gill works in the studio too and when she's not wrapping and packing orders like a demented elf at Christmas, she's coming up with Sales and Marketing campaigns to help us take over the world one mask at a time, plus she brings buns in!


Kirsten - this Super Mum has a professional day job, her own Etsy shop selling gorgeous Baby and Kids stuff and also finds time to be one of our freelance mask makers - "Hi. I am Kirsten. I have always loved crafting and creating and the opportunity to make masks for Samantha Peach was very exciting. I love that from a big bag of ribbons, paint and sparkles I end up with a big pile of beautiful masks destined for who knows where?!" 


Katrina - Some of you will recognise Katrina as one of my beloved full time assistants from back when we had massive studios and much mayhem, and I'm beyond thrilled that despite holding down a day job  as an Art Technician she's back with us doing some freelance mask making - "My favourite part of working at Samantha Peach is feeling a little bit like a fairy godmother, creating a magical disguise for people from all different walks of life, from New York to Brighton, making it possible for them to be the Belle (or the prince charming) of the ball!"  - you have been missed lady! x


So these are the women, the brilliant , supportive, talented women, who join me in loving doing this, between us we have 9 kids, 10 cats (Katrina has 8 cats !) and 1 Dog and at the moment we do it with hardly any time but with much enthusiasm and much laughing ( sometimes slightly hysterical laughter) - thank you for finding us, for liking what we do, and for enabling us to keep doing it. Sam x

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