Money Saving Tips

We understand how things are for people at the minute, and so here are our tried and tested solutions to keep costs down.... 

If there's a few of you going to a Masquerade Ball, at the very least try and get your heads together and place one order - even if its only for 2 or 3 masks, you'll straight away save on 3 lots of postage and packaging, if nothing else! 

If it's you or your organisation throwing the Masquerade Ball, then if you get enough of you together to place an order over £100 then straight away you'll start to get an automatic discount too, the more you spend the higher the discount of course..


But our absolute best Moneysaving Tip is to contact us about setting up a Coupon Code for your Masquerade Event.  Probably best to check with whoever is organising your Ball first and tell them that you can get up to 20% discount off orders with the UK's finest Masquerade Mask company for the Do (Brownie points for you maybe for the research!)

Read more about it here

Then just email with the name and date of the event and we'll set up the coupon in that name for yourself and other colleagues/friends to take advantage of.



Read the insane story of how the mask was used here


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