The Story of the Mask worn by Dakota Johnson in the Fifty Shades Darker movie

My name is Samantha Peach, and I run a small British company making masquerade masks, Amazon is our main stockist and we sell across Europe and in the March 2016 we signed consent for our Silver Lace Goddess mask to be used in the Fifty Shades Darker movie that was being filmed in Vancouver..

Still has pride of place on my noticeboard..

Fast forward to September when the movie trailer came out, and THERE was our mask being worn by Dakota Johnson, the main female lead..the costume department had augmented it with crystals on set, but it was a Samantha Peach mask, out of all the masks in the world, they’d chosen mine..

..and then it all got a bit INSANE..our local TV station came down to my studio and filmed an interview..

Why oh why did I keep my dirty apron on..??

and we sold out of the Silver Lace Goddess mask overnight..

… we made more……..

Freshly painted Silver Goddesses

…and more..

A mountain of masks..

..and then the author of the Fifty Shades trilogy sent out a sneak pic of the movie tie-in book cover..


..and we sold out again..

..and then, as if it couldn’t get more crazy, Taylor Swift showed the world a sneak peek of her soundtrack single with Zayn


and our teeny tiny minds were blown..

It’s nearly Christmas now, we’ve got things coming up in the New Year that will blow YOUR minds when we can share them, but until then, thank you Universe and Universal ( see what I did there..) for an incredible year, and here’s to 2017, let’s see what it’ll bring! x

If you’d like to buy the mask you can find the Silver Goddess mask on Amazon using the links below, if you’re not in the States or Europe, please bear with us, our top priority for 2017 is making the mask available to the rest of the world..x

We’ve moved all Retail Orders over to Amazon now – 

UK –




media enquiries :


Amazon Baby!

For all of you wondering where we’ve gone, we’ve moved all our masks over to this small company you might have heard of – Amazon !

Amazon Masquerade Masks


Their wrapping and packing department quite frankly knocks the socks off what we’re capable of in the studio , plus they can offer SEVEN days a week delivery which is almost impossible in the UK but SO vital for all of us who leave ordering things until the 11th hour

So if you’re after a Mask at the speed of lightning, get yourself over to Amazon pronto!

Sam x

2 of our Masks and One naked lady shot beautifully..

We love it when we see our Masks being worn, and Stylists and Photographers seem to enjoy throwing them into the mix on a shoot to great effect..

The lovely Nemi , a London based photographer agreed when she took these fabulous shots using some of our favourites..

metal filigree mask by samantha Peach
Idol Metal Filigree Mask


Idol Metal Mask Samantha Peach
Idol Metal mask


Exclusive deisng to Samantha Peach Masks
Black Supernova Venetian Mask


Black Feather Supernova Mask
Black Feather Supernova Mask


Exclusive to Samantha Peach Masks
Black Supernova Venetian Mask


Sam x


Metal Filigree Masks – taking over the Masquerade World..!

Now we’ve been doing this long enough to know the difference between a bit of a fad and a genuine long lasting shift in trends, and without doubt, the way Masquerade Masks are going are more and more towards the delicate metal filigree designs..

They give our Lace Masquerade Masks more than a run for their money and are called in time and time again by stylists and photographers to be used in Shoots..

They particularly suit the world of Boudoir Photography, as Tony over at T S Photographics shows us here..

princess metal filigree mask
Princess Metal Filigree Masquerade Mask


just gorgeous!

Sam x

It’s the most wonderful time of the year..

Samantha Peach Christmas

So it’s that time of the year again, on Midday Thursday 19th December the last order before Christmas will be wrapped and posted, we’ll be clearing a path through the mayhem and burrowing ourselves out of the studio ready to start enjoying Christmas

No more orders are being taken now for outside of the UK, but the website will remain open taking all of your UK orders ready to be shipped out on the ONE day we’re posting between Christmas and the New Year – Monday 30th December – all orders will have Next day delivery to be with you in the UK on Tuesday 31st December by 1p.m, they will need a signature so please direct the postie to a neighbour who will be in  if you might not be in before 1p.m on the 31st..

canning circus xmas lights


If the mask you see is available to buy on the website, then rest assured you can absolutely buy it and get delivery in the UK in time for NYE, we’re not making again now until mid January so no custom  orders or out of stock items are available until then.

I am so ready for Christmas this year, and appreciate more and more that the best part of it nowadays is TIME, time to switch everything else off and just BE –  be with my husband, be with my crazy tiddlers, and be  family and friends..

So I wish all of you the most fantastic Christmas, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, let’s make it a good one..

Cheers everybody

Sam x





How do Creative People keep on top of their Accounts..?

I came back from meeting my long suffering accountant yesterday, a meeting designed to take me through the Year End Figures and forwearn me how much I was going to have to give the Tax Man come January..



As usual, I nodded sagely as he went through the columns, the figures, the in and outs ….and came out really none the wiser..I was still high on the fact that my masks had been featured on  BBC’s Strictly  and really, that was all I wanted to blather on about to him..!

But it did get me thinking about being a small Creative Business here in the UK, and how bloody HARD it has been to understand, stay on top and manage the financial side of the business. When I first started I literally had an ever growing pile of receipts,invoices etc that I just pretended wasn’t there (the well documented head in the sand approach!)

Seriously, the BEST thing I ever did was to employ an accountant – he now does both the bookkeeping and the accounts, and the weight off my mind makes it WORTH. EVERY.PENNY..People always tell me that accountants save you whatever they cost, I think I need to be turning over a lot more before that comes true but he is still the best money a Creative can spend..



The only thing I wish..? Having employed a fair few Arts Graduates in the last few years, I’m always astonished that there isn’t any kind of pricing or financial module in the Degrees they’ve done – come on Universities, throw these guys a lifeline before you send them out into the Big Wide World to fend for themselves!

And on that note I can forget about it all for another 12 months , thanks to my brilliant accountant..

Sam Peach

Lace Masks – The Future of Masquerade Masks
Soft Real Lace Mask – now on sale for £9.99 !

When we started making Masquerade masks we got emails ALL the time asking us for a simple Lace mask that sat over the eyes, and after a few failed attempts we finally nailed it, as you can see above, and it has proven stupidly popular both in the UK and the USA, and we’ve since noticed that Lace masks really are where it’s at my friends..

Stunning Mask worn by Shakira



Stunning Black Lace Mask
Lace Masks for Paris Vogue Masked Ball


Lace Mask as a Veil


I know..!

The Lace Mask phenomenon shows no signs of abating, it’s been a few years now and our signature Black Lace masks are still the ones flying out the shop, whether it’s the Pure range of affordable masks..

Pure Black and Nude Mask only £12.99


..Or the sweet and delicate Butterfly Lace Masks


Nude Lace Butterfly Mask £29.99


Up to the Lace Belle of the Ball Masks

Lace Belle of the Ball Mask £29.99


They all have their fans, and paler nude, white or ivory lace can look just gorgeous too – perfect for Proms or a Masquerade Wedding! Manages to be completely sweet and innocent and a lil bit sexy at the same time, not often you can pull that off!


White Lace Mask swoon..


Nude Lace Gaga Mask £39.99
Nude Lace Gaga Mask £39.99


Yep, Lace Masks are taking over the world, or at least a Masquerade Ball near you – and you heard it here first..they are everything a cheap Fancy dress mask isn’t, subtle, sophisticated, sweet and yet sexy at the same time, well made, flattering and a lovely thing to keep even after you’ve had your Masked Party – they tick all the boxes for 2013 and beyond and we’re just thrilled to be along for the ride, when we run out of ideas, we’ll stop making Lace masks but until then, bring it on..! Check our our beautiful range of Lace Masks and get your own today!

And if you’re in the USA and on a super tight budget, we’ve checked out the good stuff from your side of the world just below..x







Strictly showcasing Samantha Peach Masks – thank you thank you thank you!


Well that’s a week I won’t forget in a hurry..! From the night the order came in with the magic address details of Strictly Come Dancing Studios to the live show on Saturday night where I squealed as my masks were the very first things to come up at the start of the show, to the results show on Sunday where the Pros danced in yet more of my masks – it has been a phone ringing constantly, text-tastic, squealy few days – topped off by my 5 year old asking VERY seriously, ” Mummy. are you Famous..?”


Well no, I’m not, but my blooming masks were pretty famous for 2 glorious nights – and if I do say so myself they looked pretty good on the telly

I Love Roses Mask – Made to Order – As seen on Strictly! £39.99
Soft Real Lace Mask, £12.99

My Mum texted me proudly about her favourite mask – ” that lovely one Abbey is wearing”….”not one of mine Mum. not one of mine..!” But she’s absolutely right – the white lace mask she wore was STUNNING, so stunning that I’ve spent a large part of my Sunday hunting down who I think made it and hopefully, fingers crossed, ordering some in for the shop as I think they would look great!



What a week, what a weekend – thank you BBC, thank you Strictly for liking what I do enough to put them up there in front of 10 million people..x




Get your look together: Halloween masks

Halloween post header

We know, we know. Halloween seems so far away. October’s only just begun! But if you want to really make and impression and look fabulous (and who doesn’t really?) then get planning! Let’s face it. Nobody likes to be rushed and throwing something mediocre together at the last minute. So why not get your beautiful Samantha Peach masquerade masks ordered in good time and build your look around it?

Like what you see in the image above? That’s our Zombie Venetian mask. It’s unisex (male and female zombies welcomed here, we’re all about equal opportunities!) and comes complete with bruised temple and dripping blood. Lovely! It fastens with red ribbons and will add a little class to your zombie look.

Men's Zombie Venetian Mask
Zombie Venetian masquerade mask, £19.99

If your desired Halloween look is a little less…undead, then why not try our Diavolo mask and be a little devilish? The mask comes in burgundy or black (depending on what colour of fiend you feel like) and is really striking!

Burgundy Diavolo masquerade mask, £25.99

If you prefer your devil a little more ‘traditional’ then try our red devil mask. This is another unisex mask, hand crafted from leather for a comfy fit which means you can stay comfortably wicked all night. It’s also available in black.

Red leather devil masquerade mask, £29.99

And finally, if vampires are more your thing, then why not steal a look from the hit show ‘The Vampire Diaries’? This mask was worn by Katherine on the show and is a beautiful accessory to a glamorous Halloween ball outfit.

Katherine - The Vampire Diaries
Katherine – The Vampire Diaries
Katherine Metal Filigree mask, £25.99

Whatever look you choose this Halloween, with a Samantha Peach mask, you’re sure to make an impression! Check out past blog posts for further tips on make-up, painted on masks or how to throw a great masquerade party of your own!

Have a fantastic Halloween. If you wear a mask, post a photo to our Facebook page!

Happy Halloween!