Lace Masks – The Future of Masquerade Masks
Soft Real Lace Mask – now on sale for £9.99 !

When we started making Masquerade masks we got emails ALL the time asking us for a simple Lace mask that sat over the eyes, and after a few failed attempts we finally nailed it, as you can see above, and it has proven stupidly popular both in the UK and the USA, and we’ve since noticed that Lace masks really are where it’s at my friends..

Stunning Mask worn by Shakira



Stunning Black Lace Mask
Lace Masks for Paris Vogue Masked Ball


Lace Mask as a Veil


I know..!

The Lace Mask phenomenon shows no signs of abating, it’s been a few years now and our signature Black Lace masks are still the ones flying out the shop, whether it’s the Pure range of affordable masks..

Pure Black and Nude Mask only £12.99


..Or the sweet and delicate Butterfly Lace Masks


Nude Lace Butterfly Mask £29.99


Up to the Lace Belle of the Ball Masks

Lace Belle of the Ball Mask £29.99


They all have their fans, and paler nude, white or ivory lace can look just gorgeous too – perfect for Proms or a Masquerade Wedding! Manages to be completely sweet and innocent and a lil bit sexy at the same time, not often you can pull that off!


White Lace Mask swoon..


Nude Lace Gaga Mask £39.99
Nude Lace Gaga Mask £39.99


Yep, Lace Masks are taking over the world, or at least a Masquerade Ball near you – and you heard it here first..they are everything a cheap Fancy dress mask isn’t, subtle, sophisticated, sweet and yet sexy at the same time, well made, flattering and a lovely thing to keep even after you’ve had your Masked Party – they tick all the boxes for 2013 and beyond and we’re just thrilled to be along for the ride, when we run out of ideas, we’ll stop making Lace masks but until then, bring it on..! Check our our beautiful range of Lace Masks and get your own today!

And if you’re in the USA and on a super tight budget, we’ve checked out the good stuff from your side of the world just below..x