The Story of the Mask worn by Dakota Johnson in the Fifty Shades Darker movie

My name is Samantha Peach, and I run a small British company making masquerade masks, Amazon is our main stockist and we sell across Europe and in the March 2016 we signed consent for our Silver Lace Goddess mask to be used in the Fifty Shades Darker movie that was being filmed in Vancouver..

Still has pride of place on my noticeboard..

Fast forward to September when the movie trailer came out, and THERE was our mask being worn by Dakota Johnson, the main female lead..the costume department had augmented it with crystals on set, but it was a Samantha Peach mask, out of all the masks in the world, they’d chosen mine..

..and then it all got a bit INSANE..our local TV station came down to my studio and filmed an interview..

Why oh why did I keep my dirty apron on..??

and we sold out of the Silver Lace Goddess mask overnight..

… we made more……..

Freshly painted Silver Goddesses

…and more..

A mountain of masks..

..and then the author of the Fifty Shades trilogy sent out a sneak pic of the movie tie-in book cover..


..and we sold out again..

..and then, as if it couldn’t get more crazy, Taylor Swift showed the world a sneak peek of her soundtrack single with Zayn


and our teeny tiny minds were blown..

It’s nearly Christmas now, we’ve got things coming up in the New Year that will blow YOUR minds when we can share them, but until then, thank you Universe and Universal ( see what I did there..) for an incredible year, and here’s to 2017, let’s see what it’ll bring! x

If you’d like to buy the mask you can find the Silver Goddess mask on Amazon using the links below, if you’re not in the States or Europe, please bear with us, our top priority for 2017 is making the mask available to the rest of the world..x

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