Chicago The Musical – Samantha Peach Competition!

November 13, 2009

We’re dying to see photos of you in your masks on your Big Night so we’re offering 2 tickets to see Chicago at the Cambridge Theatre in London on 9th January 2010, (the perfect tonic to the post-Christmas slump!), to the person who sends in the best snap before 3rd Jan.

Just email us pictures or post them on our Facebook Page to be in with a chance.

Our Head of Production Beth went to see it last month and we’ve not been able to shut her up about it since!  Take it away Beth……

With only a single row of people sitting between us and the dazzling production that is Chicago, it felt like we were literally singing and tapping our feet along with them. On a weekend trip to London, I went to see Chicago in London’s Cambridge theatre and I’ve been addicted ever since.

If you’re curious to know what the storyline is, imagine a nightclub sensation female act that goes by the name of Velma Kelly, who clashes with a spotlight-seeking girl called Roxy Hart.. Both desperate to see their names splashed across newspapers and to hear the adoration of their fans.  Except the only man to help them is Mister Billy Flynn, a high-flying lawyer who can transform the most unworthy criminal into a celebrity…but after their crimes of passion and spell in jail, which one will get that stardom…and how?

Chicago has certainly been a success on screen, but to sit in such a charming theatre whilst talented actors and dancers perform metres away from your eyes is incredible.  It also made me quite envious, not just because they could do the usual of acting, singing and dancing, but because they made it seem authentic and they captured the story and mood perfectly, inviting us, the audience to live in that story too.

In my eyes, there isn’t a single reason why anybody shouldn’t see this production, what with the singing, the atmosphere, the costume (or lack of it some cases), the passion, the acting, the choreography, the orchestra and the stage-set itself, it’s what a musical should be…and let’s not forget the main element…all that jaaaaazz!!

Beth Shipley


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