My Victoria Park

November 06, 2009

The last thing you expect to see out of your window in the bustling city of Nottingham are trees and grass, but luckily for me and the Samantha Peach gang, that’s exactly what we see – Victoria Park.

When searching for a student house in our final year, me and the girls just wanted a nice, four bedroom house close to Nottingham Trent University. But when we were introduced to this hidden part of Nottingham, we knew we wanted to live in the bright blue house on The Promenade.  It was part of a row of houses that edged the park, each one a different colour to the next and each one having their own character and personality.

Victoria Park in the summer…
I lived on the top floor of our house, overlooking the park.  I graduated with BA Honours in Textile Design, my other housemates also doing creative degrees, so you can imagine the amount of papers, fabrics and yarns that would cover the floor.  We would sit in the garden in the summer, one of us knitting, the other sewing, another one of us sketching whilst somebody else cooked the burgers and sausages on our mini barbeque from Poundland.  And in the winter, making snowmen and watching families having snowball fights whilst some of the shivering drunks hid under the trees.
Fun in the snow…
Snowy Victoria Park…
I remember working in my room hour after hour and day after day drawing and sewing like some crazy person and looking out of my window, longing and wishing I’d finally finish this project, that project, the other project…and hoping that one day it would all be worth it and I’d manage to find myself a job at the end of it.
My room covered from floor to ceiling in design work…
I based my final project on woodlands and living next to Victoria Park played a huge role in this.  If I was ever stuck for ideas or inspiration, I’d just look outside and usually, something came to me.  I also photographed my final work in the park, dragging my housemate around as my model.  She was happy though, she got to sit in the park all afternoon and get a sun tan.


Final visualisations…

But what I do find quite surreal is that as I’m typing this, I’m looking at that same park that I did just a few months ago, just from a different window.  And that this window is from the studio at my desk at Samantha Peach…what are the chances of that?

Beth Shipley


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